“Metropolis” as a House of Cards [Video]

March 15, 2012 by: Daniel Ostroff

The BLUE ARROW (added by Eames Spotting) indicates real EAMES HOUSE OF CARDS used in Chris Burden’s METROPOLIS II.

In Blouin Art Info noted author William Poundstone comments on the Eames House of Cards in the new Chris Burden sculpture at LACMA.  You can read the entire article here:


Here are some excerpts:

“One point of entry into Metropolis II is the house of cards. Among the 30-some model buildings are curious structures resembling those that can be made with Charles and Ray Eames’ House of Cards (at left, Charles Eames). “House of cards” is a metaphor for something insubstantial and doomed to fail. In Chardin’s paintings of children building houses of cards, the moral is that human achievements are vain, and the child should be doing something more productive.”

“In 1952 the Eameses upended that. They designed an echt-modern House of Cards, an inexpensive deck printed with jazzy abstractions and supplied with slots for sturdy construction. Part architectural model, part museum gift shop tchotchke, the Eames House of Cards was marketed as being educational and edifying—ostensibly for children though maybe not really.”

“You may say the same of Metropolis II. To the house of cards theme it adds the dimension of time. The cars whiz by, prefiguring a digital future in which software drives bumper-to-bumper traffic at super-human speeds without accident. With Eames optimism, Burden describes his work as an almost-literal Tomorrowland: “I’m personally looking forward to it because I don’t like driving in Los Angeles.”

Here is a delightful video by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman about the artist and the sculpture.

You can buy your own authentic Eames House of Cards at these Eames Office links

Small Eames House of Cards

Medium Eames House of Cards

Giant Eames House of Cards





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