COLLECTING EAMES exhibition opens

November 11, 2011 by: Daniel Ostroff

Thanks for this EAMES SPOTTING to the SECRET AGENT design blog, you can see more great pictures and the review here.

Secret Agent attended the night that COLLECTING EAMES hosted the Design East of LaBrea enthusiasts, and took this picture of your editor, Daniel Ostroff, telling the story of the Eames eight pound dining chair.

Daniel Ostroff tells the story of the eight pound Eames chair with the "Eiffel tower" base

From Cerentha Harris’ LIFEWORK:  “The official launch of JF Chen’s “Collecting Eames” exhibition attracted a crowd at the Los Angeles showroom on Sunday. As you can see from the shots there’s an absolute treasure trove of pieces here. Chen has collected over 450 pieces of Eames design – the largest gathering of their pieces ever shown. “It was an almost overwhelming historical display,” said Richard Munsey, Herman Miller’s West Coast A+D Sales Director. ”I actually had goose bumps walking through the exhibit and was amazed to see pieces that I never knew still existed. And  it was thoughtfully and artfully displayed.”

I was given a sneak preview the week before with curator Daniel Ostroff. Ostroff is also the editor of the recently launched – an encyclopedic look at the great wide design world of Ray and Charles from their toys and chairs to their films and TV appearances. “We really want to encourage people to contribute to the site,” says Ostroff. “And one way they can do that is if they buy any of the pieces in this ‘Collecting Eames’ show and it’s documented on the site we will attribute the piece to their personal collection or ‘private collection’.” Ostroff is hoping that by doing this museum’s exhibitions in the future will have an easier time tracking down significant pieces.

If you can’t make it to the show there is a book on the exhibition Collecting Eames, The JF Chen Collection, that will be out this month. Contact Fiona for details on purchasing the book –

Here are some great photos by STEFANIE KEENAN of the opening.

Thanks to the generosity of JF Chen, 941 N. Highland Avenue,

This GETTY/PACIFIC STANDARD TIME PARTICIPATING GALLERY exhibition is open to the public, free of charge, from October 3, 2011 to January 14, 2012.

Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday:  11:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday:  Closed

Fiona Chen, Bianca Chen, Joel Chen, Margaret Chen

Here collector John Kishel shows Eames Demetrios and Margaret Chen some of his amazing collection of vintage product literature relating to the Eames House.  In the Image Gallery you will see a portrait of John with Lynne Kishel,  his wife and partner in this pioneering area of Eames collecting.

Some of the nine vintage pieces from the family of Sal and Gladys Valastro, in use from 1954 to 2009Shelly Mills and Carla Hartman of The Eames Office, with Joel ChenCurator Daniel Ostroff with Frank Escher and Ravi Gunewardena, the architects who are over-seeing the conservation of the Eames House, and pioneer Modernism dealer, Mark McDonald.Daniel Ostroff with Wendy Kaplan and Bobbye Tigerman, Curator and Associate Curator of LACMA’s stunning CALIFORNIA DESIGN exhibition, and Eames Demetrios, head of The Eames Office and The Eames Foundation

Victoria Lam Book Designer and Bianca Chen Manager of JF Chen

Victoria Lam, designer of exhibition book, COLLECTING EAMES, and Bianca Chen, Manager of JF Chen

Looking past a Herman Miller Eames Chaise at the Eames + Valastro collection on display at COLLECTING EAMES

Collecting Eames opening Steve Aldana and Gerard O'Brien

Steve Aldana of OBJECTS USA and Gerard O’Brien of Reform Gallery.


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