Eames Spotting

  • Authenticity (Video)

    August 30, 2012
    A new film essay by Eames Office Director Eames Demetrios on the subject of authenticity.
  • Eames Spotting Salutes SKANK WORLD

    August 15, 2012
    SKANK WORLD, the famous mid-century modernism store, has moved to a new location, after 31 years at the same location.
  • Eames Demetrios on the FAB Blog

    August 10, 2012
    From the FAB blog: In honor of this week’s Fab sale with the illustrious Eames Office design house, filmmaker Eames Demetrios—the grandson of Ray and Charles Eames—has shared some insights about the objects within in, and how design exists at all price points and aesthetic levels. Read on to enjoy some original Eames.
  • Eames Tandem Seating at the Apple Store

    July 31, 2012
    At the Apple Store in Santa Monica, CA we spot EAMES TANDEM SEATING
  • Eames + Valastro featured on Marie Hall-Brown’s BOOKTALK PBS [Video]

    July 28, 2012
    Eames + Valastro author Daniel Ostroff is interviewed by Marie Hall-Brown of PBS SoCal
  • Eames Blank House of Cards [Video]

    July 24, 2012
    Eames Office Director of Education Carla Atwood Hartman talks about the NEW Eames BLANK House of Cards at TEDx Grand Rapids
  • Kanye + Kim and Charles + Ray Multi-Media [Video]

    May 24, 2012
    What do Kanye West and Kim Kardashian and Charles and Ray Eames have in common? A belief in the potential of immersive cinema.
  • Top Hollywood Agency uses Eames chairs

    April 19, 2012
    Thanks to Lisa Hubbs, Senior Sales Manager, Retail, of Herman Miller for spotting EAMES CHAIRS here
  • Eames House Conservation

    April 5, 2012
    Escher GuneWardena Architecture was retained by the Eames Foundation to address pressing repairs in several areas of the house, as well as to investigate the possibility of introducing museum quality HVAC system for the future protection of the collection.
  • Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames [video]

    December 16, 2011
    You can see the Ice Cube Eames chair in person... Today, in advertisements in print and on line, The Getty releases the long-awaited Ice Cube poster celebrating Charles and Ray Eames. Eames Spotting takes you behind the scenes of this classic advertisement, and shows you details of the chair on which Ice Cube sits.

Eames Spotting

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