Eames Spotting

  • “For young moderns with a talent for taste”

    January 15, 1970
    This mid-fifties magazine advertisement uses three Herman Miller designs: a George Nelson thin edge bed, a George Nelson side table, and an Eames LAR, to associate "young moderns with a talent for taste" to their Chatham Blankets.
  • You Can Protect Your Family Against Fallout!

    January 15, 1970
    The Kelsey-Hayes Company envisions Eames chairs in your Fallout Shelter in this vintage advertising, circa 1963
  • It’s THE Compact

    January 5, 1970
    Smith-Corona Marchant puts two Eames chairs but only one typewriter in this advertisement for their new "compact office electric."
  • To Enrich Any Home

    April 15, 1959
    An Eames LCW sets off this Magee carpet in a 1949 LADIES HOME JOURNAL advertisement.

Eames Spotting

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