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LCW 1948

Evans Molded Plywood
Lounge Chair Wood
15 1/4" seating height by 24 1/4" deep by 26 1/4" high
This chair comes with not only impressive markings on its underside, which make identification very easy, it also has impressive provenance. It was part of the original furnishings of Case Study House Number 9, by Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames. The daughter of the second owners of the house, the people who bought the house from Arts & Architecture magazine editor, John Entenza, for whom the house was built, sold this chair to a collector after her parents died.
Even without markings, we would know this is an Evans production chair, by the five-two-five screw configuration on the underside.
The shock mount is the single oval type.
We have further details on the idenfication thanks to the stencil markings, which tell us what we believe to be the month ("5", May) and year ("48") of manufacture. This label also tells us that the surface veneer is Calico Ash plywood.
There is also an Evans Products label, of the type used during the transitional period, when the chairs were manufactured by Evans Products and distributed by Herman Miller.


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Case Study House #9 / Entenza House, 1950 Pacific Palisades, CA / Eames & Saarinen, architects © Julius Shulman

There is an LCW in this photograph, possibly this very chair.  The daughter of the second owners  of the house, who lived here after John Entenza moved out, was the source for this chair;  her parents acquired it directly from John Entenza when they bought the house from him, along with much of the furnishings.  She grew up in the house, and published her recollections here.

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