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DSX Side Chair

Herman Miller
DSX Side Chair
Dining or desk height Sideshell X (four leg base) Upholstered
31 1/8" H by 18 1/2" D by 18" H
Seat height 18"
Weight 17 lbs. upholstered
This chair features a very pretty combination of white vinyl trim with cherry red naugahyde upholstery.
In a 1973 brochure Herman Miller described the features of these chairs: "Fiberglass-reinforced seating shell: easy to maintain, lightweight; color is an integral part of the plastic, will not stain or fade; resists scratches, 23 colors. Tubular steel base is zinc-plated (THIS EXAMPLE) and coated with clear epoxy for maximum resistance to scuff marks and cleaning mops. Also available in black enamel. (White) nylon injection molded self-leveling glides with pull out resistance of one hundred pounds. (That "pull out" resistance" is why the Eames Office adopted these glides: earlier glides: domes of silence and boot glides, tended to pull off.) Upholstered pad construction: fabric (CHERRY RED NAUGAHYDE on this example) cover, foam pad and vinyl (WHITE on this example) edge chemically bonded to plastic shell to form an integral unit. Exclusive vinyl edge is sewn to the upholstery cover and chemically bonded to the shell as part of the total pad. Protects the most vulnerable portion of the chair, as well as protecting surrounding furniture."
We are still researching the meanings of the markings embossed on the bottom of this chair, which include an inverted "B," an "a" and an "S" in a circle.
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