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DAX 1954

Herman Miller
Dining (and Desk) Armchair X (four rod legs)
31" H by 24 7/8" W by 24" D
Seat height 17 5/8"
Weight 15 lbs.
Elephant hide grey fiberglass, bright plated zinc finish legs, boot glides, large shock mounts, no rope edge. The earliest armshells had rope edges and large shock mounts. The first change was to do away with the rope edge. During the next period of manufacture chairs like this one were produced with no rope edge but still with the large shock mounts, with an inset and exposed metal disc.
On a 1954 "Chairs" poster Herman Miller touted this design: "These chairs are molded in a hydraulic press, of plastic reinforced with glass fibers. This material and the method are identical with the process used to manufacture airplane parts which must endure tremendous impact. They are adapted for use ranging from the home to offices, restaurants, schools and ships." The DAX is distinguished as "A highly modern seating form; dining and desk height."
On its underside this chair retains its early red and black decal proclaiming,
"Designed by Charles Eames -- Herman Miller/Zeeland, Michigan -- Shipped from Venice, CA", the home of the Eames Office.
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